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  • Ceramic Dog: "Beer" - #StopKavanaugh

    “Beer” by Ceramic Dog. Video by Nye Taylor.

    "Ceramic Dog likes beer too. But we sure hate sexual assault, and super privileged machos who think they can get away with anything, and congresspeople who enable them. If this means we’re going to “reap the whirlwind: let’s make the most of it!

    We actually had the song “Beer” recorded long before the Kavanaugh hearings… and were still working on it… but when we heard Kavanaugh testify, we realized we needed to put it out NOW… I’ll fix my guitar parts after the mid-terms.

    If we all don’t speak out NOW to oppose Kavanaugh, we’re going to wake up Sunday with a 30 year hangover. These six senators are possible swing voters on Kavanaugh. Urge them to vote NO!"

    Sen. Susan Collins, Maine: 202-224-2523 / 207-780-3575
    Sen. Joe Donnelly, Indiana: 202-224-4814 / 317-226-5555
    Sen. Jeff Flake, Arizona: 202-224-4521 / 602-840-1891
    Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, North Dakota: 202-224-2043 / 701-258-4648
    Sen. Joe Manchin, West Virginia: 202-224-3954 / 304-342-5855
    Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Alaska: 202-224-6665 / 907-271-37353