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  • VOTE!!! on November 6th!

    The days between now and the November 6th midterm elections will be the most important of our political lives. 
    We need to flip 24 seats to retake the House. 
    We are not there yet. 
    You can make a difference  by phone banking and canvassing. 

    The best website to set you up doing that is
    Just enter your zipcode, and they set you up with effective action near you. 
    You don’t have to be a big political intellectual to do this: they give you scripts, talking points,  and instructions. 
    You don’t have to get into scary confrontations: most of this is simply letting people know when the vote is and who’s running. 
    You don’t have to do it alone: bring a friend, or team up with other canvassers. 
    I’ve done it, and its actually fun.