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  • Donald Trump: RATA DE DOS PATAS (Rat with Two Legs)

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    “We support all Democratic candidates running in the November 6 2018 midterm elections. We need to stop Donald Trump and his enablers. The days between now and the November 6th midterm elections will be the most important of our political lives. We need to flip 24 seats to retake the House. You can make a difference by phone banking and canvassing." 

    Paquita la del Barrio didn’t mince words when she was calling out the bad guy in “Rata De Dos Patas” (Rat with Two Legs): 
    Rata inmunda,            Filthy rat
    animal rastrero,         creeping animal
    escoria de la vida,      scum of life
    adefecio mal hecho    deformed monstrosity
    infra-humano,           sub human
    espectro del infierno, specter of hell
    maldita sabandija,      accursed worm
    cuanto daño me has hecho   how much damage you have done to me

    Listen to the full version of Rata de dos Patas here: or
    Video by Nye Taylor.
    Artwork/Graffiti by Al Diaz.